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    Corporate Governance

    Senior Pastor Steve Uppal retains oversight of all church matters, but he works with and is accountable to the Apostolic team, Senior Leadership team and the Trustees.

    The role of the Apostolic Team is to oversee the Movement, the outward facing aspects of All Nations, to facilitate the apostolic calling on Pastor Steve’s life.  There is a vision to plant new congregations, repurpose existing congregations and plant a number of apostolic hubs like All Nations Wolverhampton.

    The role of the Senior Leadership Team is to lead and oversee all aspects of All Nations Church, including the campuses that have been handed over by the Apostolic Team, following the direction of the Apostolic team.

    The role of the Trustees Team is to oversee the legal and financial aspects.  The trustees are mostly non-executive but the Senior Pastor is executive chair.  The trustees serve the vision of the Apostolic and Leadership teams and follow their direction.  In the case of any apparent conflict between legal requirements and the direction of the leadership the two will share wisdom openly and prayerfully until the position is resolved.  The trustees meet on a regular basis to oversee all financial and legal matters concerning All Nations. The trustees are Chris Green, Angela Foster, Jonathan Smith and Steve Uppal (chairman). They have a mix of relevant skills and experience.
    The latest accounts filed with the Charity Commission and Companies House are available here.

    Within All Nations Church, we have a Pastoral Team who help disciple and care for the community of believers at All Nations. The pastoral team consists of the pastors of various campuses (local congregations) and several others as follows:

    • Kerry Bourne-Genner (leads GEM congregation for adults with learning disabilities)
    • Tim and Becky Downes (pastors of the Straits Community Church, Gornal)
    • Sam and Carol Henry
    • Mac and Jen Kaul
    • Brian and Sheila Lowe
    • Israel and Thenijwe Moyo
    • Mary Pemberthy
    • Nigel and Julie Rowe (pastors of Grace Church, Pensnett)
    • Jagdish and Surinder Singh Uppal (pastors of the South Asian congregation – Punjabi language)
    • Jonathan and Christine Smith
    • Cassy Zou (pastor of the Mandarin Chinese congregation)

    The Pastoral team’s primary function is to help provide care and discipleship to the All Nations Family through overseeing, supporting and developing area leaders and Life Group leaders. They also step in to help with particular pastoral needs.
    If you have a pastoral need, please speak with your Life Group leader first.
    Area Leaders
    All Nations operates through Life Groups in various locations, and these are overseen by area leaders.  In the Wolverhampton area they are:

    • Brian and Sheila Lowe and Christine Endean - South West Area
    • Sam and Carol Henry - South East Area
    • Richard and Elizabeth Padmore - North East Area
    • Keith and Gill Maer - North West Area
    • Manuel and Hanna Heinke - West & Perton Area
    • Isreal Moyo and Thenijwe Moyo - East Area
    • Mac and Jen Kaul - Telford Area
    • Ndaba and Jess Moyo - Students Area
    • Patience and Kalu Okafor - South Area