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    Have you ever done one of those dot-to-dot puzzles? 

    My mind sometimes feels like that. Connecting things and ending up with something beautifully unexpected. Like during Pastor Steve's sermon this week. 

    Off it went. 

    On a tangent.


    You are the light of the world.

    I've always loved that verse (Matt 5:14). I love this world that God created, this planet, this earth. I love that people are so peculiar, that there is such variety, that there is so much still undiscovered. Yet in the midst of this breathtaking beauty such darkness exists. That I could bring light to the darkness of this world. What a beautiful concept.

    I have, in the past, felt that my light was too dim, my brokenness too great for me to shine brightly enough to make a difference.


    This little light of mine...

    Even the smallest light can be seen in great darkness.


    My mind skips to the lyrics of a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

    "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

    How true this has been for me. It has been in my times of brokenness I have had the most profound awareness of God's love for me. The light got in through the cracks. If it got in through my cracks, through my brokenness, who else is the light unexpectedly seeping into? 


    If the light gets in through the cracks, it can get out through those cracks too. My brokenness doesn't make me shine less brightly, it makes me shine more brightly.


    Because His strength is made perfect in my weakness. 

    Those cracks allow the light in me to escape more easily. Your brokenness can cause you to shine more brightly if you let it.


    Then I think about broken pots and the book of Jeremiah where God describes himself as a potter (Jer 18:1-10) …and I can't even remember where I read about it but the Japanese art of pottery repair fills my head.  

    Kintsukuroi - golden repair.  It’s a way of repairing pottery with gold so that every crack is visible, every break is on show, yet it is oh so much more beautiful than it was. 

    My heart fills at the thought of it. There is something heavenly about it. 

    The imagery is so deeply laden, heavy with meaning that my mind wants to run in a myriad of directions. 

    I'll go in one.  But you…meditate and run with the Spirit to the deep places.

    What an example of how brokenness can be made beautiful. 

    Dare I say, how brokenness can increase rather than decrease value? 

    You see we all live with a measure of brokenness, yet God can use our brokenness to add to our beauty. 

    To seam us with gold. 

    Our cracks visible and our breaks on show, shining more of the beauty and love of God through us than we ever thought possible. 

    This little light...

    Jodie Ellis, 06/06/2018