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Steve and Esther Uppal

Steve and Esther Uppal, senior pastors of All Nations, met in Wolverhampton and married in 1996. After ministering together in Christian Warriors, a youth ministry founded by Steve, they took on the senior leadership of the church in 2001.

Steve’s ministry is far-reaching and takes him to many nations, as well as the four corners of the United Kingdom. He is a published author and fulfills an apostolic ministry to many churches and pastors.

Esther has a prophetic preaching gift and also leads the pastoral work of the church, overseeing the Life Groups, area leaders and the pastoral team to ensure that members of the church are nurtured.

Steve and Esther have four children: Bethany, born in 1998; Sophia, born in 2000; Joel, born in 2003; and Judah, born in 2005. 

Alisha Bains, 17/03/2019