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    Matthew 26 - Growing in devotion 

    In this season of 21 days prayer and fasting we are reading most of Matthew’s gospel, a chapter a day.  It is best to read out loud together with family or friends or a Life Group etc. so we can share thoughts and pray together about the passage.  Each day this blog shares a short thought from the chapter, a key verse to focus on and maybe to memorise, and some pointers in prayer.

    As events unfold, leading to Jesus’ arrest, the key question for all of us is “What really matters to you?”  The answer depends on what we see.

    For the woman who poured out the costly ointment, only worshipping Jesus mattered, while the disciples seem to be so focused on their work of ministry that they can’t see that it is all because of being loved by God and loving in response.  She loved wholeheartedly as she saw His love and forgiveness.  

    For Judas, perhaps it was a mix of concern about money and concern to see a political Messiah who would deal with the Romans.  

    For Peter, James and John, Jesus’ closest friends, their friendship really mattered - but somehow they could not see the importance of watching and praying with Him.  

    For the high priest what mattered was preserving the status quo, the delicate political balance that would enable the priests to continue their religious duties.  He focused on Roman power and political strategies.

    Peter was wholehearted in his devotion to Jesus.  As we saw in chapter 16, he was capable of seeing great revelation but also of seeing things from a purely human point of view.  In the courtyard he could not see Jesus as God, only as a man who was imprisoned.  He was confused and afraid because he only saw from a human perspective.  But that is not the end of the story and not the end of his story!

    When we break bread together (or celebrate communion) do we see just a loaf or do we see Jesus and ourselves as His Body?  Do we look at life just with human eyes or with revelation from the Holy Spirit.

    Let’s pray

    For ourselves

    - to see life with revelation from the Spirit

    For our community

    - for many to see Jesus as Lord and Saviour
    - for breaking bread to be not a habit but a life changing encounter with God

    For the world

    - for workers to go into the harvest fields, presenting Jesus as He really is

    Key verse

    While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to the disciples, and said, ‘Take, eat; this is my body.’ 

    Matthew 26:26

    Chris Horton, 26/09/2019