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    Isaiah 62 - Revival: the nations and the land 

    In this season of 21 days prayer and fasting we are reading some Old and New Testament passages on the theme of revival, a chapter a day.  It is best to read out loud together with family or friends or a Life Group etc. so we can share thoughts and pray together about the passage.  Each day this blog shares a short thought from the chapter, a key verse to focus on (and maybe to memorise) and some pointers in prayer.

    The nations were threatening God’s people at the time Isaiah prophesied.  During his lifetime Israel was conquered and its people were deported.  In Judah, Jerusalem was besieged, though it would be a hundred years before Judah was finally overrun.  But Isaiah prophesies that the nations will see the glory and vindication of God’s people and the land will be restored to them.  

    The fulfilment is in New Testament times and the significance of the land is much greater than physical territory in Palestine: it is our inheritance as God’s people, in Christ, throughout the whole world, including a great ingathering of people turning to Him.

    Revivals become obvious to those around us.  Those who do not know God (“the nations”) notice when vast numbers turn to Christ, when miracles happen and when the poor are cared for.  Society around us begins to change when revivals happen, like those associated with the Wesleys and the Salvation Army.  Changes of heart lead to lives laid down for others and the impact can be seen in abandoned children being cared for and educated, starving people being fed, people without hope of employment being taught skills they can use to earn a living, and many other ways.

    The chapter contains many glorious images of God’s people enjoying revival, but there is a part for us to play.  Prepare the way!  In verse 10 we are encouraged to build up a highway and clear it of stones so the people can move forward.

    God’s people move forward led by the Spirit - in Romans 8:14 Paul says “all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.”  The path needs to be clear of obstacles - Hebrews 12:1-2 encourages us to clear away sin and other things that are weights or distractions even though not sinful, so we can run.

    Let’s pray

    For ourselves

    to identify sin and distractions we need to leave behind
    to be led by the Spirit

    For our community

    asking for boldness and supernatural insight as we relate to people in our neighbourhoods

    For the world

    that we and all God’s people will play our part in preparing a highway for His presence

    Key verse

    ‘The nations shall see your vindication,

        and all the kings your glory;

    and you shall be called by a new name

        that the mouth of the Lord will give’

    Isaiah 62:2