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    2 Chron 34 - Revival: responding to God’s word   

    In this season of 21 days prayer and fasting we are reading some Old and New Testament passages on the theme of revival, a chapter a day.  It is best to read out loud together with family or friends or a Life Group etc. so we can share thoughts and pray together about the passage.  Each day this blog shares a short thought from the chapter, a key verse to focus on (and maybe to memorise) and some pointers in prayer.

    When Hezekiah’s great grandson was made king, he was a boy of just eight years.  Many grown men would have been daunted by the task of governing, but Josiah was determined to do what was right.  How did he manage it?  Verse 3 tells us he began to seek the Lord in his teenage years.

    Many of our children have a spiritual sensitivity and use spiritual gifts with a simple trust in God that puts many of us adults to shame!

    The record of his righteous decisions is an example, not in the specifics appropriate to that Old Testament context but in the single-hearted and single-minded devotion to God and determination to do what was right.

    When revival comes we may be seen as extremists and even persecuted.  But if we are led by the Spirit and motivated by love, then we are secure in knowing it is the result of the single-hearted and single-minded devotion to God and determination to do what is right. 

    Revival comes in stages or degrees.  It was a full ten years before the next major step -change in response to God.  New revelation came when the Law was discovered.  For us in New Testament times this signifies what God is communicating.  He speaks through scripture and also by revelation through one another, or direct in our hearts but confirmed and witnessed by others.

    Again, Josiah’s response was single-hearted and single-minded devotion to God and determination to do what was right.  When the prophetic word came, he might have been tempted to stop, as though it is hopeless because the people are already under a future judgment.  But instead he continued, which brought blessing on the people in his lifetime.

    What is our response to what God speaks to us?  Do we treasure His word and obey it and pray it into manifestation, so it is seen on earth as it is in heaven?  Do we press into the next level of responding to Him?

    Let’s pray

    For ourselves

    to keep listening to God and responding to Him

    For our community

    that our response to God’s word will enable neighbours and colleagues to see Him in us 

    For the world

    for a hunger for God’s word throughout the nations

    Key verse

    ‘Because your heart was tender and you humbled yourself before God …. I have heard you …’

    2 Chron 34:27