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    Listening in lockdown - some prophetic words for All Nations 1 

    During the last few weeks there has been an increase in the number and clarity of prophetic words, dreams and visions coming out of times of prayer - “prayer hub at home!”

    Ps Esther shared what God has been speaking through the events recorded in Acts 27. Paul was being transported as a prisoner to Rome, to stand trial, on a merchant ship with a guard of soldiers.  A great storm tossed the ship for many days.

    We as a church are on a journey like Paul to an unfamiliar destination in the midst of a storm. We are learning peace, patience and trust in Him. 

    Paul heard God’s voice and was obedient to what God revealed to him.  At a key time Paul said, “Keep up your courage; not one will be lost, only the ship will be destroyed.”  They had made the ship lighter by throwing the cargo overboard but as the ship neared land the sailors threw away even the tackle, anchors lifeboats and food overboard.

    We too must throw overboard the things we are carrying, the cargo and tackle, the anchors, the life boat and the food. Everything we have brought along must be discarded if we are to survive . We must release our hold on things we trusted in and their hold on us. The ship, the man made structures, must be destroyed if we are going to reach the new land that has not been seen before.

    Paul broke bread on the ship and we too must gather around Christ. At the right time we will have to jump ship. As we do we will all reach land safely .

    Ps Esther also awoke one morning with the phrase “Burn the ships: we can't go back to the way things were!”  It's time to leave the comfort of our boats and to explore the new world. Burn the ships, old structures, old mindsets, old struggles. 

    It is time to step in to a new day.