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    Our Vision

    For all people to glorify God through knowing Christ, becoming like Christ, and making Christ known.


    Our Values

    We have seven statements that define the way we live as a family. We aim to build a culture that welcomes the Holy Spirit. Culture means the way things are done or what we are like (or hope to be).

    All Nations is committed to the following:
    1. Jesus
      We want Jesus to be the centre of all we do.  We seek his presence, his leading and follow his example.
    2. Community 
      We value relationship and seek to build authentic community.
    3. Faith - Hope - Love 
      We want to be clothed in audacious faith, insurmountable hope and extravagant love.
    4. Kingdom lifestyle  
      We want to cultivate kingdom lifestyles of honour and generosity.
    5. Spiritual disciplines   
      We embrace spiritual disciplines to empower supernatural lives.
    6. Sacrifice 
      We want to live humble and sacrificial lives, that serve others.
    7. Extend 
      We are committed to advancing the kingdom of God through proclamation and good works.