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    A relational network is developing steadily around the apostolic ministry of Steve Uppal.

    The closest connection is as part of one, multi-site church with a number of congregations, some of different language groups and some geographical.

    Other pastors and leaders look to Pastor Steve and his team for wisdom, encouragement and direction, and certain churches may be committed under apostolic covering while remaining separate churches.

    What is an apostolic movement?

    Across the world, the Holy Spirit is stirring God’s people to recognise the ministry of apostles and prophets as foundational in the church. An apostolic movement is when leaders and churches are connected with an apostle.

    There is also a growing recognition of the apostolic ministry of Steve Uppal. Apostolic ministry means he is called, like the many and varied apostles in the New Testament and throughout church history, to plant churches and to be a father or master-builder to churches and pastors. Part of the ministry is to break open new ground. Another aspect is to provide covering or a spiritual foundation as a spiritual father to leaders and whole churches.

    The closest connection in the network is those congregations that are established by All Nations or choose to become part of the one church. All Nations is becoming a multi-site church with a number of congregations, some for different language or ability groups and some geographical.

    There are also a number of pastors and leaders looking to Pastor Steve for wisdom, encouragement and direction, and churches are becoming committed as part of the network while remaining separate churches.

    The network is developing slowly and steadily because Pastor Steve’s main concern is that it should be a relational network. His aim is to build a network that truly reflects the New Testament emphasis on local churches and apostolic teams being built on relationships formed by the Holy Spirit rather than on function or ministry. He is drawing together a team, and currently Rick Kaul and Chris Horton assist him in connection with the movement.