COP26 - the final hours

All authority

As followers of Jesus, we know that He alone is the true power holder! He is the One who has made a way for God to restore all things to Himself, making peace through the blood of the cross, Colossians 1:20.

So, as the world’s spotlight remains on government leaders gathering and negotiating in Glasgow, we can pray from the heavenly perspective that His Kingdom will come!


There has been an outpouring of prayer across the globe, both during the months leading up to COP26, and throughout the past fortnight. The conference is due to finish on Friday evening, November 12th - and there is so much already for which we can thank God, for example:

- New commitments to reduce carbon emissions by the end of next year
- Commitments to increase climate finance to give better support to developing countries
- Decisions to phase out fossil fuels (though with no time scale yet)
- Around 450 financial institutions who have agreed to back ‘clean’ technology

I’m also thankful... 

-That the mass demonstrations in Saturday’s global action were largely peaceful - and that many people from different backgrounds and generations united in calling for climate justice;
-That the two high-test carbon emitting nations, China and the U. S. A., forged a surprise agreement on Wednesday;
-That there is a deeper and more realistic awareness in our nation of the many communities across the globe who are vulnerable to the worst effects of climate change.  

Turning point? Let’s pray...

In these final hours of the conference, let’s raise our voices and pray with hope from heaven:

🙏 that every country will sign and keep an agreement that brings significant change

🙏that we as the church in every part of the world, would reflect God’s love by praying for change and asking ourselves how we can best obey our mandate to ‘tend and watch over’ the earth, Genesis 2:15

🙏that the many seeds sown for salvation, faith and justice will hasten the day when “all the nations You have made will come and bow before You O Lord and shall glorify Your name!”  Psalm 86:9.

- Catherine Horton

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