COP26 - what next?

The United Nations Conference, COP26, in Glasgow has been a momentous time of debate, peaceful protest, consideration and decision. There have been many answers to prayer before and during the conference - but what will happen next?

For this brief afterword to COP26 I’m quoting the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, whose full message of hope and call to continued commitment can be read at:

“Those who have been involved in the COP26 negotiations, or perhaps urgently awaiting their outcome, might come away feeling disappointed – even though we have made more progress than we would have done without the conversation.

………I am humbled also by those people  who campaigned and prayed for justice for God’s creation. To meet and pray with some of them at COP26 was a great inspiration for me.

………It is not declarations themselves that will save the future of the planet; it is the actions that arise from them, the changes that are inspired and the progress we make from now on towards our climate goals. God calls us not to be afraid – not because climate change isn’t a cause for fear, but because we are invited to move beyond that fear into action…….

We believe God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. There is no situation that is beyond His power, if only we are willing to join Him in the work of reconciliation both with our neighbour and also our planet.”

Amen and amen!  

In the busy-ness of life, it’s easy to forget the life changing truth that we belong to God’s new creation. Jesus has rescued us from hopelessness and despair, from fear and from failure. For each one of us, this everyday life is the one opportunity we have to demonstrate that Jesus brings hope, joy, justice and freedom  - so let’s live filled with His Holy Spirit, ready to listen and obey, with the cry of Your Kingdom come on our lips.

- Catherine Horton
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