An unstoppable disciple making movement!

Our aim is to raise up disciples who are passionate and unrelenting in their devotion to Jesus and able to lead a church planting team or be part of one.

The aim is to make disciples who can make disciples – we truly believe the best way to grow leaders is for us to share our lives in a relational context.  We reproduce who we are: so we want to do this carefully and intentionally.

To achieve all this, we believe training and equipping needs to be PRACTICAL, THEOLOGICAL and RELATIONAL.


  • Opportunities for service including mission trips and local mission.
  • Corporate prayer.
  • Other spiritual disciplines, including emphasis on reflection, journalling and scripture memory.


  • Understanding how to dig for truth in the scriptures and how to relate faith to practice.
  • Understanding of the “Big Picture” of scripture and salvation past and future.
  • Using some key books as a basis for discussion and training in theological framework, character and how to make disciples.


  • Ministry formation and character formation.
  • Discipleship informally around meals.
  • Regular corporate prayer.
  • Accountability partners and mentors.
Our brochure is available below and to get an over-view of the course and timetable see the curriculum, also available below.
Registration for 2021 cohort has now been drawn to a close - we will open up for our 2022 co-hort soon, keep up to date with our socials to find out more.