Discipling 2 girls in my area: my story

L and D are two girls that live in my area who I journey with. I first met them at N’s flat. One memory I have was when N was talking to some neighbours and I was sat outside with L and D and simply started talking to them. After some time, my sister and I were asked to disciple them by N. We then started running Bible studies with them at N’s flat.

I felt very nervous journeying with these girls. I had different thoughts, such as wondering whether I was in a good place to disciple them, and whether it would go well. I was also nervous because I didn’t know where to start with it and I didn’t really know them that well as I had only met them briefly before starting to journey with them. However, I did feel excited because I was looking forward to doing something that I hadn’t done before.

It started off by doing Bible studies with them, reading Scripture and just talking through that. Later on, because of Covid restrictions, we started to run the Bible study in a restaurant in the area. It then came to a point where we were not able to meet in the restaurant, so I was going to their door every week to meet them and see how they were doing in order to keep building the relationship with them. After a while, the girls started to come out to Bible study again and we have been doing it every Thursday evening at my house. They have been coming out consistently for a few months now.

When we meet, we usually start off by having everyone share how their week has gone (we call this pit and peak; peak being the highlight of the week and pit being what was bad about the week). We then do a Bible study and use the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method where we read a passage. We read the passage in two different translations and then discuss it by answering these 4 questions:

1. What does the passage say about God?
2. What does the passage say about people?
3. How do we obey?
4. Who are we going to tell?

Afterwards, we end the time in prayer, asking God to help us apply what we have just read to our lives.

L and D also come to Home Church, which we do on Sunday afternoons at N’s flat. They have also been attending our church services on the Sundays we meet in the building. Since journeying with them, we have seen growth in them and they engage well with the Bible studies every week, as well as church.

- Shekinah Tagoe
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