Jesus- Getting to know you (part 1)

Over the years I have asked prayer warriors to pray into things I have waited for, for so long. Many a time, I have received the same answer; ‘Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you as well.’  I’ve just smiled, thinking like the Rich Young Man, ‘I already do all of these things, what else?’ More so, I’ve really wanted to ask- Why does God seemingly give to others (who don’t ask, don’t have to wait or don’t even believe in Him), the very things that I might be praying for?

Recently, a dear friend gave me that same answer again and this time, I decided to listen.
It was a moment for me rather like with Naaman in the OT , who had leprosy and was requested to bathe in the Jordan but initially he wasn’t prepared to do it; the simplicity of it was unexpected and even offensive to him. I’ve felt like that at times; pride can cause us to miss God’s best.

So I set my heart firstly, to seek Him and prayerfully said as much, before reading the Gospels. I asked God to show me more of what Jesus is like; His personality and character through His attitude and actions. Here are some of the things I have learnt.
Often people asked Jesus the wrong question and He answered as if they had asked the right one, as well as answering their question. He did this with the ‘expert’ who asked Him, ‘who is my neighbour?’ and with the woman at the well who asked questions about where to pray. Whether people were selective in who they wanted to help or were avoiding uncomfortable conversations; Jesus had a wonderful way of leading people to the truth they needed to hear.

Jesus warns us that the enemy loves to cause division through misunderstandings. He asks us in Luke 8 to study our own responses. ‘Consider carefully, how you listen.’ Do we listen correctly or mishear? Do we retain it? Do we ponder and check before responding? A friend once told me that he often asks people, ‘Did you say…?  In case he has misheard. It is good practice- I have at times misread a text message and in haste responded without thinking.

Jesus practised what He preached. He was always living out His 2 great Commandments- love God and love your neighbour- His preaching led people to love God and His healing fulfilled the command to love our neighbours.  He did things in order of priority. In Luke 9, 3 times it says, ‘He preached the kingdom of God and healed the sick’- in that order. Salvation of the soul first and the body second.

Jesus got frustrated when people lacked faith- it prevented Him from doing His work. ‘The power was present for Him to heal-’ when people believed. He wasn’t able to do many miracles in His hometown because of unbelief.  He said, ‘Anything is possible to Him who believes.’ Faith first, then healing. This is why preaching took priority over healing- people needed to believe first in order to be healed.

Jesus is straight to the point. ‘Why do you call me Lord and do not do what I say?’ Yet, instead of condemning, He follows through with the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, showing us what an obedient person creates - a firm foundation. Another time He did this was when the disciples asked if only a few would be saved. Jesus urges them to make sure they are saved rather than wondering how many will be. Knowing Jesus is the key to entering the narrow door.

- Jesse Kaur
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