Jesus- Getting to know you (part 2)

Jesus is humble. We know this because it’s one of two things He said about his own personality, ‘I am humble and gentle in spirit (Matthew 11:29).’ We also see it in His responses. When Peter suggested building shelters for Jesus, Moses and Elijah; Jesus didn’t tell Peter that He was more important than the others, He waited for His Father to commend Him, in line with Proverbs 27:2 ‘Let others praise you, not your own mouth,‘ and again when He asks His disciples, ‘Who do you say I am?’

Jesus knows us by name. He called Zacchaeus, a man described at first as a tax collector and then declared a ‘son of Abraham’. He takes the lost and gives them their true identity. He did the same with the bleeding woman. Jesus renames us after we show faith- ‘And I tell you that you are Peter…’ Jesus affirms us. He says, ‘You are… the salt of the earth’ as opposed to the enemy who says ‘if you are…’ which leads to confusion and doubt.

Jesus is a gentleman. When people asked Him to leave, He did. When they asked Him to come, He went. He gently spoke to Martha about priority and He showed us that He sees- He saw that she was ‘worried about many things.’

Jesus hates neutrality. ‘He who doesn’t gather with me, scatters.’

Jesus causes division. People were divided in their opinion of Him everywhere He went. There will be believers and non-believers in families. It is our job to pray in God’s will that, ‘none shall perish.’

Jesus responds to simple requests in faith. The blind beggar called Him ‘Son of David.’ This showed he believed Jesus was the Messiah. He said, ‘Lord, I want to see.’ He asked a big prayer that only God could answer.

Jesus is resolute- always working in obedience. He was determined to go to Jerusalem and fulfil His mission unhindered by rejection and petty arguments.

Jesus is responsible-He never sent people away with their needs unmet nor did He put His own needs first. When John the Baptist was beheaded Jesus sought time in solitude but the crowds followed Him; He had compassion and fed them. He finally got some time alone after sending the disciples across the lake but still met their need and walked over the raging waters to bring them peace.

Jesus rebukes Peter who rejects God’s plans for Jesus because they involve a life of sacrifice. Jesus wants us to focus on the fulfilment of God’s plans rather than our own desires and hopes.

Jesus honours faith, humility and persistence. We see all three of these in the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15) through whom Jesus demonstrates and foreshadows to His disciples that there will be a breaking away of tradition- they will one day preach and find faith in the Gentiles because ‘God looks at the heart,’ not at appearances or identity, He is looking for faith. ‘But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?’

- Jesse Kaur
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