Church family! It's that time of the year...

We are excited for you to join us for our 21 days of prayer and fasting. Our reading plan will focus on key passages of Scripture and principles that we feel are important as a Disciple Making People. Each day there will be a blog post alongside the Scripture reading to help you unpack the passage.

Reading Plan

We are reading the Bible together to grow in our knowledge of God. Use your Bible reading plan to help you. We encourage you read a chapter a day with family, friends and engage in discussion following the DBS questions below.

The Bible reading plan will be available on our app as a reading plan (in the Bible tab) in which you can follow along too, or to download here.


We are fasting for 21 days from meats, sweets and treats, (Daniel fast).
This website is a great tool for a Daniel fast: www.daniel-fast.com

We would encourage you to limit the use of social media, television and other activities.


Praying alone is important, we encourage you to increase personal prayer times, but praying together is also an important part of our mandate.

Teams of people pray in their own homes in two hour sessions around the clock - night and day, why not come and join us!

'See I am doing a new thing...'

As we move into new rhythms and patterns, shifting our focus towards being a disciple making movement by using the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) process, we encourage you to use the 4 key questions below and apply them to the Scripture readings each day. This would work best in a group or with your family and friends.

What does this passage teach us about God?
What does this passage teach us about people?
What should you do this week in response to the passage?
Who should you share with this week?

To find out more about DBS, check out this video below.
We hope and pray that this season of prayer and fasting will be significant for us as a church family as we step into a new season.